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The MasterBundles Marketplace: My Experience

Greetings! I’m Ilona, an illustrator, and designer based in Ukraine. I create patterns, illustrations, and other designs, using watercolor and line in both traditional and digital formats. I find inspiration in the beauty of nature and little everyday things. These influence my style the most.

Since 2014, I’ve been selling my works online. I can say that I spend time doing what I love the most - creating art and happy customers that buy my designs encourage me to do even more. MasterBundles allows me to monetize my fresh graphic products, and I’ve had a great experience with this marketplace. But before I say a few words about my experience, let's get to know more about MasterBundles!

What is MasterBundles?

MasterBundles is a digital marketplace - a perfect place to buy and sell design deals and bundles! The mission of the marketplace is to bring happiness to people by letting them self-realize. To simplify the process, MasterBundles offers a Sell Your Deal form – it allows uploading products in a matter of 5 minutes.

With a huge marketplace, MasterBundles offers beautiful designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from different designers. Get hold of unique graphics, fonts, add-ons, templates, stock content, and even some free deals.

What makes MasterBundles stand out from other marketplaces?

Here is a short list of key features of MasterBundles marketplace for designers who want to potentially sell their designs there:

  1. Get 50% of your sales. MasterBundles is one of the only marketplaces that sell your products on such terms and allows you to set your prices.

  2. Key priority - bundles. Purchasing bundles of products is a great way to save money, rather than purchasing individual works.

  3. Money withdrawal. You can withdraw commissions as soon as the amount exceeds at least $50.

  4. User roles. A recent update of the marketplace presented new possible user roles. These include seller, buyer, and affiliate. Earn 15% commissions with the MasterBundles affiliate program – it’s a nice passive monthly income. Your job is to share affiliate links and receive commissions based on the sales of the products.

Pros of using the marketplace

The main advantages of trying out MasterBundles marketplace are the following:

  1. Smart balance. Things get done fast but within a rational time frame for the best quality.

  2. Variety. MasterBundles urges designers to create and work in various industries with different skills. Whilst keeping the most important thing - product ethnicity.

  3. Simple withdrawal. Send a simple email to receive a quick unproblematic money withdrawal. You can withdraw money from Payoneer.

  4. Responsive customer service. Customer support will quickly resolve any issues along the way.

  5. Quick setup. The simple Sell Your Deal form is there to ease the process of uploading products and taking control of the vendor page.

  6. Promotion. MasterBundles encourages the promotion of cool products. For example, your products can be featured in a weekly newsletter with the best offers and reach a wider audience.

The weak sides of MasterBundles

There are also a few weak sides of the platform you should be aware of:

  1. Requirements. While you are allowed to be as creative as you wish, there are certain requirements regarding the product page and its looks.

  2. Moderation/screening. A mandatory process that designers should go through. Takes a minimum of a few hours and then the product gets uploaded to the site.

  3. Competition. With the growth of talent and awareness of the marketplace. It's been noticed that vendors are making products look exceptionally well in the marketplace. Be sure to follow the standards in your niche.

My experience working with MasterBundles

I got an email from MasterBundles and it was in Ukrainian. I understood that there are Ukrainians among the founders of the marketplace, so I decided to support the marketplace :)

Moreover, if you’re seeking commercial success, then the more platforms your works have, the better!

So, I decided to give it a try and upload my first 5-10 works. The process went as seamlessly as possible. Now, I have my Ilonitta Store with my works and bundles:

Modern Sunflower Line Art Collection. A bright-colored collection perfect for modern room interior design.

Modern Waves - Art Print Creator. Unique hand-drawn line art elements with a variety of compositions for creative projects.

Gold & Black Waves. Lines, Flowers. Abstract elegant line art in soothing black, beige, and gold textured colors.

Sunflower Patterns Collection. Warm yellow and orange colored stylized graphics, an amazing combination for bright designs.

Portuguese Azulejos Tiles & Patterns. Gorgeous Portuguese Azulejo patterns were created from original watercolor paintings of tiles.

Spanish Charm - Vector Tiles. A muted, yet pretty, mix of beige, gray, and off-white tones set in authentic Mediterranean tile seamless patterns.


Considering the moderate competition and convenient upload of the works, MasterBundles will suit both novices and experienced designers and illustrators – you can upload the works that you already have and get income. Moreover, MasterBundles has super friendly support and a user-friendly interface. I recommend you start working with a marketplace right now! :)

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